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Hard Hit 2021 Hard Hit 2021 free movie download torrent

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Hard Hit 2021 720p Korean HDRip H264 -ben

Original title:

Also Known As: Black Phone, Restricted Phone, Punishment, Barsinjehan, Eungjing,

Filmmaker: Kim Chang Ju

Type: Thriller, Drama

Tags: Bombs, Explosions, Father-Daughter relationships, Police, Disaster (Vote or add tag)

Country: South Korea

Type: Style

Date of independence: 23 June 2021

Duration: 1 hour. 34 minutes.

Language: Korean

Quote: N / A

The head of a bus station in Busan, Sung Gyu, guides her daughter Hye in her university degree. The phone comes on the Hye Ins phone with a limit for displaying numbers (also known during the “black phone” season). He picks up the phone and a voice says to him: There’s a bomb under your seat right now. And as soon as you stop and get out of the car, it will explode, he learns.

In central Busan, a panicked escape begins for the Sung Gyus family. A blocked call is the tension in a city train on a family in an unpredictable situation due to a shocking phone call..

Hard Hit 2021

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