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A modern film musical with a bold impression of the classic saga. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams and, with the help of her amazing godmother, she continues to make them come true.

Before becoming Cruella de Vil, the teenager Estella has a dream. She wants to become a fashion designer after endowing herself with talent, innovation and ambitions alike. But life seems destined to ensure that his dreams never come true. Free Guy 2021 Full Torrent After leaving without money and being orphaned in London at ten, ten years later, Estella runs wild through the streets of the city with her best friends and partner in (small) crime, Horace and Jasper, two amateur thieves. However, when a chance encounter causes Estella to enter the rich and famous young worlds, she begins to question the existence that was built in London and wonders if she can really be destined for more. Katie.

Cinderella 2021

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