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Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) torrent

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New features of Pro Tools HD 10

* Get the same new features in Pro Tools 10

* Create much larger mixes with up to 768 audio tracks and 512 backing tracks *

* Get very responsive memory and playback power with an extended disk cache that loads the entire session into RAM

* Connect to 12 Pro Tools HD satellite systems

* Improving the workflows of field registrars

* Controls two HD HD Pro-based systems with D-Command in multi-mode

* Get more songs and streaming while using Avid ISIS

System requirements for Pro Tools HD 10


* Computer: Avid-compliant Windows computer (see More information)

* System software (32-bit or 64-bit) Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate with Windows 7 Service Pack 1

* Total system RAM: at least 4 GB, recommended 8 GB (or more)

Additional requirements

* About tools HD audio connections (required) and peripherals (see Details)

* Requirements for audio devices: One or more hard disks for recording and playing audio (see Details)

* System hard drive: at least 15 GB of free boot disk space is required to install Pro Tools

* Video card: a special video card is recommended (see Details)

* Video equipment (see Details)

* Captured shared storage and interaction (see Details)

Options for Pro Tools

* Video satellite and media composer (see Details)

* Machine control (see Details)

* Satellite link (see Details)

* Video satellite LE (see Details)


* Joint installation of Media Composer (see Details)

* Mac aggregate data (see Data)

Driver updates

* Download and install the latest drivers for your hardware.

Languages: English (US), French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish.. Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) Torrent

Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R)

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  • Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) Torrent
  • Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) torrent
  • Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows (Patch-V.R) download

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Microsoft Office 2013 Microsoft Office 2013 free download torrent

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Important Note: Microsoft Office 2013 is no longer a download button for this program, which directs you to the latest version of Office. You can also find the Premium version and create the best work with Office 365. Known usage, new (function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); New reading mode optimized with touch typing in Word 2013 Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus also edits PDFs without the use of additional software, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Excel2013. Excel analyzes the entire table, identifies relationships between cells, and suggests values ​​or text Excel also makes it easy to create spreadsheets and graphs by creating recommendations in a similar way The new Quick Analysis feature in Microsoft Office 2013 allows you to visualize certain formatting options in a 2013 table , and the mode of the speaker is divided into two different representations for the audience and ext witness. In addition to the presentation itself, you can also see a list of items and more detailed information on the presenter’s screen.
Microsoft Excel 2016 On tablets, you can use finger gestures to switch between slides, draw a movie with a lecture on a pencil forum, or use a virtual laser to view all views; Outlook 2013 combines built-in menus for appointments, contacts, and tasks. Emails in Outlook 2013 are now convenient for tablets and, if desired, can be viewed in an optimized list of large areas. Optimized for touch and minimal design With Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus in Windows 8, you’ll experience big changes. The famous ribbon expands only when needed and is optimized for fingerprint touch screens. In addition to images, you can embed videos in Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus HTML. All applications have a new look, optimizedbehind the touch screen. Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist tile design as Windows 8, and everything seems to go well together. Important features for them are large, neatly placed icons, and the new templates are visually pleasing spreadsheets and presentations. Corollary: Enhanced all-in-one office suite Unfortunately, Office Suite is anything but a tablet. Many elements and choices are too small for the unprepared features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, but are more compelling: PDF Editor offers great advanced editing capabilities, cloud integration with Skydrive, and add-ons like embedding videos on YouTube. great innovations. If you are looking for a cheaper option compatible with MS Office, you can always look at WPS Office.

Microsoft Office 2013

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Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT) Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT) torrent download

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AIO WINDOWS10 MULTIL. Windows 10 V (AR-NL-FI-FR-DE-IT) X64-1803
















MD5: 54DD2C255DCC940C1FAC8A1F55E39DC4

SHA-1: 5FC0C73184E0BA21F107ED000C0F157EF2A2F1D2







Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT)

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  • Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT) Torrent
  • Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT) torrent
  • Windows 10 V.1803-x64-18X1(AR-EN-NL-DE-FR-IT) Download Torrent

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Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 Download Torrent

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Windows 10 Dark



Construction: 21H2

ISO code:

Architecture: k64

Credits: Gleison Lima

Size: 10 GB


MD5: 044D77817EE15B2C5A445B6648DD0DBA

:::: EDIES :::::

Windows 10 Dark Icons RED

Windows 10 Dark Icons V11

:::: Themes ::::


Dark support for OFFICE.

White and dark


* About White legally on 2 Edio com con os for Windows 11

::::: OBS :::::::

ABOUT THEME for integration in OFFLINE mode, without using review mode

verse CUSTOMIZADA ESTWEL with all components and drivers.

support for new security updates and upgrades for the future.

Updating Windows is a break.

While the openings to the researcher are often desativate, mas atalho uses to realize trabalho pra habilitar arkuivos ocultos or aunts as additions.

Telemetry and integrity

DESINSTALADOS offers all computer programs –

The Microsoft Store includes Windows UltraOS without a home menu

Habilitado Desempenho Mkimo na opo de Energia

Messages, Bluetooth and Impressora Funcionando

Bar Pesquisa without Meny Iniciar Clssico.

The command Ctrl + Shift + S does not work, but there are essas ferramentas de substituio

:::: INTEGRATED ::::



Start Menu Clssico


New wallpapers for Windows 11


Installed Antivirus

Windows Defender installer

Kaspersky installer

Panda installer

Avast installer

Navigator installation

Chrome installer

Firefox installer

Opera installer

Opera GKS installer

Install Edge Chromium

important programs

7Zip installer

WinRAR installer


Microsoft Store installer

Blocker update.

Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021

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  • Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 Torrent
  • Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 torrent
  • Windows 10 Gamer.Os Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 download

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Road Rash Road Rash 64 Bit torrent download

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The free motorcycle racing game for PCRoad Rash is a free motorcycle racing game developed by Electronic Arts. Here, players are opposed to other drivers. The goal is to finish the race without deviating from the track. The only thing other players have to hit you to keep you away from the race.
Of course, you can beat them to curve them from tee, PC to popular 90s racing game of the same title. Plus, don’t expect realistic graphics like the games offered by MotoGP. Technical aspects also (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); There is no need for speedRoad Rash to give you control over motorcyclists whose goal is to be the best racer no matter what. But like games of the same genre, you get a basic cycle. You also get $ 1,000 to upgrade your bike with different speeds, controls and weights. You can keep it until you get enough for new and better ones. It’s best to save money because you may need it because the game comes with several levels. To advance to the next level, your driver must be one of the first four drivers to cross the finish line. It will not be easy because the horizontal path will be full of sharp bends, ramps, hills and other obstacles. And not only that, your opponent will also be physically at a profit. You may find that your riders have been beaten, beaten and to do it fairly, you can do the same to them. When you win multiple races, you will eventually get clubs and chains. With these items you can defeat opponents and make them fall off the bike. Be careful not to get hit. Make sure there is enough damage and your damage meter will be emptied, which will make you lose the game and move away from the police at a distance. What sets Road Rash apart from the competition is that it features a version of arcade racing in which a clean approach is not the way to win. Instead, collecting punches, whining, and punching leads you to the winning goal. However, that is not all that exists in this game. You have to think further if you want to move on to the next one, as each of your shots will damage your bike. Once your damage is exhausted, you can no longer participate in this game. In addition, you have to pay for repairs. So, when you have enough money, make sure your bike is now resistant to damage. Better yet, buy a motorcycle that can withstand heavy losses, and what you should worry about is the police. Yes, the game is equipped with police because of which you stop participating in the race. If you break your bike near their station, they will arrest you and force you to pay a fine to save yourself. Failure to pay the penalty will end your game and cause you to lose it for no reason. Overall, Road Rash is a racing game unlike any other game. The game takes a more tactical approach in its gameplay than speed. It also makes you consider different things in each session, including field, attack, and even your choice. The graphics are not on par with similar games today, but they are definitely fun for ordinary and experienced players..

Road Rash

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Instagram Instagram x64-x86 full chipchip torrent

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Free social media sharing application Instragram is a free social media sharing app for sharing photos and videos with friends and followers. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom arrived for iOS in 2010, with the release of Android in 2012 and Windows in 2016. Facebook purchased the app in 2012 and has been adding new services since then; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is Instagram and why should you use it? Designed as a program to share American media with others on the platform, Instagram lets you tell your story as content. You can broadcast live videos on Instagram (IGTV), make funny moves via the boomerang tool, or upload a standard photo. The latest version has introduced Reels, which provides short videos in the same way you can use the app and watch the actions of other people in the world. You need an Instagram account. It does not matter which device you set up for media sharing service; you can access the same content as the website. If you already have a Facebook account or pages, you can link them to share your photos and videos. Both have also started using Instagram for their products and services. You will see the product as contained in the ads or in the copy story. In their bios you will find links to their websites so you can browse everything they say on Facebook about what kind of photos and videos you can post. Instagram may remove certain devices or prevent you from using the Platform. Unlike Twitter, which does everything possible, from nudity to racial and political discourse, there are several barriers. However, you will always find people discovering new ways to succeed in preventing the pros and cons of Instagram. One of the main benefits of Instagram is that you as an individual or business can share photos with your followers around the world. It will keep you in your media forever until you delete or delete your account. In this way, it serves as a small website to introduce new people to your creativity, or it is a variety of services, functions and filters that you can use to improve the quality of content. Although the Windows app has fewer services compared to the Android or web version, there are many tools in recent updates to keep you busy. You can also send messages to your friends, and the first thing is that most people consider Instagram to be toxic. While it’s good to share videos and photos with your followers, there are some who do not stop giving negative comments. It can affect your self-esteem or reduce the value of your brand, especially if the media does not show what you get in the data policy, and it also explains how they can use the content for marketing or storage of information. You may lose your photographic rights, which could harm businessmen or professionals. Je! Instagram is very popular? Instagram has gained worldwide popularity for its easy installation and use. Taking pictures on your Windows device and sharing them with your followers is not difficult, as is the ability to use them. However, many prefer Android and iOS apps because they have multiple services and access has created a huge social media network that works similarly to Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Friends can follow, like and comment on your posts. It can be addictive to post your recent photos to see what your followers are doing I must do; it is an excellent platformfor celebrities and brands where clients and individuals can see their actions and recent projects first. The famous actress can watch over the swim in the new pool and receive millions of favorites within a few hours. Some match modes even share the latest photos from the tournament, or is it different between Instagram and Facebook? While Facebook owns and operates Instagram, there is a clear distinction between the two. The first is available as official software on Windows and Mac, while the latter can only be downloaded on Windows operating systems. There are ways to access Instagram on Mac devices over the Web, which are used for sharing photos and photos. FB, on the other hand, can do many other things. You can create groups, join communities, create different brand pages, watch movies together or hold meetings with IG humility, and make it more profitable for participants.
The platform has a clean interface that is not filled with icons and text everywhere. It is also easy to find information, browse and install Instagram easily on Windows. Setting up IG is easy. After downloading the file, you can grant your Windows device permission to run it. The application will ask if you want to start with English or alternative language settings. Once you confirm the storage location, the customer starts with a detailed data policy on how information is stored or how you can delete your cookies. It clears the search logs after six months, when the digital copy of your government-issued identity card has been removed 30 days after the audit. If you delete your account, the app will completely delete all your media from; Share your photos and images with the world There is no arguing that IG is the emotion of the world. With billions of members and followers, it is the leading platform for connecting with friends and clients. However, the Windows version still has a long way to go, as well as for mobile phones;.


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Bluetooth Driver Installer Bluetooth Driver Installer Torrent Download

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Free Bluetooth Driver Installer is a convenient, free Bluetooth solution for your Windows PC. The app is designed to detect and fix problems with Bluetooth drivers. If your system does not have an updated or genuine driver, the program comes with an installation service to add the required files. Likewise, if there is a bug in the existing Bluetooth driver, the utility plugs it into an easy-to-use Bluetooth installer, taking calculations out of the equation. With this platform, you don’t need to set up a lot of drivers available online. Whether you installed outdated files on your system or deleted some items incorrectly, the app will fix the Bluetooth functionality without much hassle. The step-by-step wizard makes it easy to move the tools. Compared to Free Add-on Driver, IObit Software and Driver Genius, this app comes with simple (function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Customize and download Bluetooth drivers to your PC via Bluetooth to PC, transferring files, documents, photos and videos to other devices becomes easier. Today, most systems have built-in Bluetooth. However, some computers require a special adapter to use this technology. Anyway, it is important to install the drivers that work properly and correctly to establish the connection without any problems. This is where the Bluetooth driver installer uses Bluetooth technology, you may encounter bugs or various problems.
Bluetooth Driver Installer download free torrent
For example, a machine cannot detect an adapter. In such cases, the software can be used to troubleshoot Bluetooth. Browse error files, identify drivers and download the correct files to ensure a consistent connection. The whole process is simple and fast, and you don’t have to be a technical expert to know how to use software that detects drivers automatically? If you can’t find a suitable driver for your card, the app can download it right away. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you are using. The Bluetooth driver installation is for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or any other version. In addition, this downloadable Bluetooth driver is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It automatically detects your device and starts searching for a Bluetooth driver priority that works seamlessly with a variety of Bluetooth adapters. However, problems may arise with other providers. Simple connections make it easy to navigate through a variety of tasks. The main window of the app is a simple wizard where you spend most of your time searching, downloading and installing apps, most of the work is done by yourself as well as discovering and searching for the real driver, you just need to click clicking the wizard screen. The process takes no more than a few minutes and you get full reports and information about the device manufacturer, e.g. computer recovery? Unlike many free tools in this device, this one has a delightful service. While you can fix Bluetooth issues, the app also allows you to create a system restore point. Because programmingcan replace a driver or patch file, it can make changes to the system registry. Sometimes you want to undo these changes. You can easily use recovery options to restore your computer to recovery mode. This is important if something goes wrong during an update or installation, the app comes in a lightweight package. Therefore, the download and installation takes no more than a few seconds. When the installation process comes with third-party apps, the app also recommends changing your browser preferences. However, you can check the boxes in System Preferences to skip these options. The Bluetooth driver installer does not take up much space on your computer, but it is better. you! Is the Bluetooth driver installer a good choice? The app is the best choice for downloading a Bluetooth driver. The Bluetooth car installer allows you to connect to other devices to transfer files. Since it is completely free, there is no need to purchase or pay a subscription if you are considering downloading this installer to your computer. It is important to make sure that your system has Bluetooth. The packaging package works with new generation and older machines. In just a few seconds, it can configure your computer to connect to other Bluetooth devices, including the printer. It allows you to transfer files and perform other tasks such as printing that you have installed on your computer to solve Bluetooth problems, you will enjoy a simple interface. The latest version of the platform includes minor interface improvements. The appearance of the device has changed for the better and can now detect even more adapters, and this Bluetooth configuration is a good addition to the performance of the Bluetooth system. It can fix Bluetooth-related issues, install appropriate drivers, create system tips, and perform other similar tasks. With a Bluetooth driver installer on PC, you can safely and quickly transfer files between Bluetooth issues without any hassle With a variety of devices, wireless file transfer between multiple systems has become easier. Bluetooth Driver Installer is stable, free and essential software to make good use of Bluetooth devices on your Windows PC. The app automatically detects and configures a simple and clean interface that can run Windows, the app allows you to fix Bluetooth issues almost instantly. Wizard gives you a break from navigating multiple windows, internet and applications. When the operation is successful, the software provides a full report on the device manufacturer, modifications, and model..

Bluetooth Driver Installer

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Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2} Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2} Download Torrent

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Windows 10 X64 Pro OEM ESD fi-US fr-CA March 2021

Build version 20H2

* Files:

* Size: 4.48 GB

* Format: run ISO

* CRC32: 2ddf0cf2

* MD5: c97a4488df1c589b3d4c8f2b4ab82c28

* SHA-1: 81ffcc778298e175d2dee9588d5788ec084f4a5f

Built-in / pre-installed:

* Cumulative update:

* KB5001567

* .NET Framework

* Aggregate update

* .NET Framework and:

* KB4601554

Assembly / installation:

* Defender update


* French CA.
Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2} Scaricare

* Windows 10 Pro – STD

* Windows 10 Pro – DLA

* Windows 10 Pro – OEM

* STD = standard installation – for those who have their own license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* OEM – is activated automatically during installation

* the same version on the original device

* Ready for UEFI

* (Use a connected Rufus USB tool to boot UEFI)

* Diagnostic and recovery tools (only)

* packed in return () format

* Create a bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (supplied) or burn to DVD-DL at slow speed.

* Windows_Addict, Windows activation script

* We hope you enjoy this release!

* Hello,

* Generation 2

* Windows 10 Pro VL X64 1909 OEM ESD fi USA-MARCH 2020
* Version 1909 Build

* File: * Size: 4.09 GB
* Format: run ISO

* CRC32: 18c68d33
* MD5: a5ebba3b87b789d9f14aebf941bbb329
* SHA-1: c581b2f7ee399e6f547cfca600575df35ec7c39b


Built-in / pre-installed:

* Maintenance stack update:
* KB4541338
* Cumulative update:
* KB4540673
* .NET Framework * Aggregate update to * .NET Framework and:
* KB4537572
* Flash Player Security Update:
* KB4537759

Assembly / installation:

* Defender update


* Windows 10 Pro – STD
* Windows 10 Pro – DLA
* Windows 10 Pro – OEM

* STD = standard installation – for those who have their own license key
* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)
* OEM – is activated automatically during installation

* Ready for UEFI
* (Use a connected Rufus USB tool to boot UEFI)
* Diagnostic and Recovery Tool (Microsoft DaRT)
* packed in return () format

* Create a bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,
* (supplied) or burn to DVD-R at slow speed.

* WindowsAddict, activation scriptWindows

* We hope you enjoy this release!

* Hello,
* Generation 2.

Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2}

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  • Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2} torrent
  • Windows 10 X64 20H2 Pro OEM ESD en-US fr-CA MARCH 2021 {Gen2} download torrent

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Photoshop CS6 download

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Free Photoshop CS6 Update The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update is the official patch for updating Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 for Windows. The update is free for users who already have an image editing program installed. The CS6 update fixes several issues and provides stability and better performance. It also includes new features and tools that simplify the editing process for faster and easier stability and performance. Innovative photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop CS6, is constantly being updated to provide users with new features and bug fixes. CS6 is one such update, and its main purpose is to ensure that Photoshop does not stop unexpectedly during editing. After installing the patch, the image editor works properly without crashes (({(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); in addition to fixing stability issues, the patch fixes known bugs and fixes security issues, as well as improving the graphics and 3D functionality, performance, installation is simple, but you already need a detailed editing speed to work, which creates a smooth and sensitive work environment, but some users have problems with the program. In addition to improving system responsiveness, the update also provides clearer images and clearer colors that appear after editing, which increases performance. ston. This performance update is designed to increase productivity, so you don’t have to deal with workflow interruptions. In addition, the automatic restore tool saves all changes, while a copy of the changes is saved every 10 minutes and restored in the event of an unexpected shutdown. This version of the CS6 update improves the photo editing tool to ensure that you don’t have to shut down or lose progress if your Windows desktop stops changing text settings. Photoshop CS6 provides a variety of text editing tools. The latest update provides converted layers with new parameters and symbols. It solves the need to save multi-line text in PDFs and allows users to change values ​​without encountering unexpected slider issues. One of the most useful update features is the ability to add Lorem ipsum text as a block for updates and fixes. Fixed some user-reported security breaches. The patch improves the overall performance of the photo editing tool and ensures that the system is not delayed. In addition, the latest CS6 update also fixes some bugs. The update includes a fun 3D image setting that lets you create images, graphics, and graphics specifically for Windows, including unexpected locks when you open Help. You can edit these images to look like cartoons or oil paintings, or resize any photo to add big eyes and smiles. Creating them is not only fun, but they can be very interesting for social networkingplatforms like Instagram, and Can I install the Adobe CS6 update? Installing the Adobe Photoshop CS6 update is fairly simple; The only condition is that Photoshop is already installed on the system. Before you begin, you need to disable your antivirus and make sure that the folder name that contains the image editing tool is named Adobe Photoshop CS6. After confirming that you have completed the previous two steps, click the Adobe Patch installation file and follow the instructions. If you are asked that the tool cannot find the application, do you need to uninstall Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update for free and reinstall it? Although the update can be downloaded for free, it only works in the commercial version of Photoshop CS6. Is the upgrade free for existing customers only because they already have Creative Suite installed, what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6? One of the most noticeable differences between Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite (SC6) and Creative Cloud (CC) is that the latter offers a subscription payment model as well as cloud features. Adobe has built the Creative Suite with CS6 and released new CS tools because CC CC provides a desktop application that makes file sharing easier. However, people who prefer the traditional licensing model tend to opt for CS6. This version of the CS6 update is Adobe’s latest release that fixes some issues and improves overall image processing performance.
Adobe Photoshop 7 download
Are there options? This version of CS6 is the latest software update for Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 for Windows. Therefore, he has no choice. However, if you’re looking for other photo editing tools, you may want to check out Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom, and download the Adobe Photoshop CS6 update? The fix fixes some security issues, saves your workflow every 10 minutes, and ensures that you don’t lose progress in the event of a system failure. It also adds some editing tools and eliminates unnecessary delays and crashes. The update is available for free to CS6 users who have already installed image processing software on their Windows device..

Adobe Photoshop CS6

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DVD Cloner GoldPlatinum 2021 DVD Cloner GoldPlatinum 2021 Torrent Download

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DVD-Cloner 2018 is a professional recording software that is widely known for its full image quality, which can scan and copy DVDs to any blank disc with various playback options for playback on many media devices, including PS4, Xbox, Blu- ray player etc..
In addition, it can also copy DVDs to an ISO file or DVD folder stored on your hard drive. With DVD-Cloner 2018, you can save copies of Blu-ray movies to BD-R / RE or PC and copy high-quality DVD / Blu-ray movies to MKV format for easy storage. The new user interface design allows easy handling and visual enjoyment.


Copy for movie only

Distribute DVD text

A special copy of the film

Rip DVD to MKV

Burn DVD movies from hard disk to DVDR (DL)

Connect multiple DVDs to one DVDR DL or BD-R / RE (DL)

Copy Blu-ray movies to the BD-25

Create a Blu-ray ISO image file

Copy Blu-ray movies to MKV format.

DVD Cloner GoldPlatinum 2021

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